This Home In Brooklyn Gets An Updated Interior From General Assembly

Elevating Brooklyn Living: Sharon Street by General Assembly

Nestled within the vibrant neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, the interiors of Sharon Street speak a language of modern sophistication and thoughtful design. General Assembly, the masterminds behind this transformation, have seamlessly blended functionality and style to create a haven that redefines urban living.

A 1950s Gem Reinvented

Sharon Street is part of a charming row of single-family homes from the 1950s, each tucked across the street from the picturesque Cooper Park. While the location is desirable, the original layout and footprint were no longer aligned with contemporary family needs. General Assembly stepped in with their design prowess to reimagine this home for a new generation.

Form Meets Function

The heart of the home is where elegance and functionality converge. A master bathroom is adorned with a floating teak vanity—a nod to organic warmth and modern minimalism. In the kitchen, custom cabinetry adorned with concrete countertops showcases an amalgamation of style and utility. A kitchen island seamlessly marries form and purpose with built-in wine storage, catering to both entertainment and convenience.

Innovative Storage Solutions

General Assembly’s design prowess truly shines through their innovative storage solutions. Throughout the home, custom storage spaces harmoniously blend with the overall aesthetic, making every nook a piece of art. Flip-top kitchen benches and suspended solid oiled white oak shelving redefine the notion of space optimization, breathing life into every corner.

A Symphony of Light and Air

One of the standout features is the suspended shelving in the kitchen. Supported by elegant steel bracing and anchored into the ceiling, these shelves dance with the light from nearby skylights and windows. This ingenious design captures the essence of open, sun-filled spaces—creating an environment that beckons not just cooking, but also fostering a sense of community and creativity.

Conclusion: A Contemporary Marvel

Sharon Street by General Assembly is more than a home—it’s a canvas where modernity and artistry meld. The interiors effortlessly marry function and aesthetics, honoring the past while embracing the needs of today’s urban dweller. Each corner of the house tells a story of design ingenuity, where form enhances function and innovation harmonizes with tradition. This is not just a home in Williamsburg; it’s an architectural journey that celebrates the evolution of living spaces in a world where design knows no bounds.

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