This Floor Is Made Of Broken Shards Of Glass

Innovative Interior Design: The Captivating LAB LZ by GT

A realm of creativity and architectural ingenuity comes to life within the Casa Cor Rio exhibition, where Gisele Taranto Architecture and LZ Studio join forces to birth the captivating LAB LZ by GT. This collaboration has resulted in a breathtaking laboratory of ideas, a testament to the boundless possibilities of design.

A Vision of Innovation

Casa Cor Rio, an exquisite event that showcases the forefront of architecture and design, has provided the perfect canvas for LAB LZ by GT’s visionary creation. The space, currently on display until October 4th at Villa Aymoré, is a playground for architects and designers to craft their spaces like an awe-inspiring fashion show—a celebration of imagination and innovation.

A Symphony of Glass and Reflection

Nestled within this creative haven, LAB LZ by GT has unveiled an interior that challenges conventional boundaries. At its heart lies a suspended glass floor, a daring move that defies expectations. Yet, what truly ignites the imagination is the incorporation of mirror shards, artfully arranged within the void between the existing subfloor and the finished floor.

A Dance of Depth and Reflection

Mirrors, the very essence of reflection, serve as the core element to accentuate depth and dimension within the interior. The placement of mirror shards conjures a captivating dance of light, where every step taken is mirrored in a mesmerizing play of reflections. The result is an environment that transcends the physical, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a world of visual poetry.

Innovation Redefined

LAB LZ by GT’s creation demonstrates that design is not confined to the expected; it thrives in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. By ingeniously suspending a glass floor adorned with mirror shards, the designers have created a dialogue between the tangible and the intangible, between space and reflection.

A Journey of Imagination

As visitors step into this awe-inspiring space, they become part of an immersive journey. Each footfall sends ripples of reflections across the mirrors, creating a dynamic interplay between the viewer and the environment. LAB LZ by GT has masterfully transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary, infusing innovation with aesthetic beauty.

Conclusion: The Mirror’s Tale

The suspended glass floor filled with mirror shards within LAB LZ by GT’s interior is a narrative of depth, dimension, and reflection. It’s a reminder that design is a canvas of boundless imagination, where innovation and creativity meld to form an experience that transcends the visual and resonates with the soul. This interior invites us to question preconceptions, challenge norms, and step into a world where floors are canvases and mirrors are storytellers.

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