Cardboard Lexus Is One Big Crumple Zone

Origami-Inspired Lexus IS Sedan: A Masterpiece of Cardboard Engineering

Origami Meets Electric Mobility

In a stunning fusion of Japanese origami and electric power, an extraordinary drivable replica of a Lexus IS sedan has emerged, crafted from a staggering 1,700 sheets of meticulously laser-cut cardboard.

Lexus: Creating Amazing Through Innovation

Lexus, synonymous with “Creating Amazing,” holds a steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, technology, craftsmanship, and customer care. This ethos finds exquisite expression in a remarkable creation: a full-size, functional sculpture drawing inspiration from origami. Its body and interior are a symphony of precision-cut cardboard, offering a tangible testament to the brand’s philosophy. This life-sized replica of a Lexus IS sedan isn’t just a spectacle; it’s fully operational. However, prudent consideration of the weather is advisable before embarking on a cardboard journey.

Meticulous Crafting with Thousands of Sheets

An astounding 1,700 pieces of individually-shaped cardboard were meticulously assembled to bring this replica Lexus IS sedan to life. While 3D printing didn’t play a role, the marvel of computer-aided design came into play. Technicians digitally recorded the intricacies of each component, which were then translated into precise dimensions by the computer. These dimensions were then executed with remarkable accuracy by a programmable laser cutter, yielding an array of cardboard segments ready to be assembled.

The Marriage of Cardboard and Functionality

While cardboard reigns supreme in this extraordinary creation, it isn’t the sole ingredient. Beneath the cardboard panels lies a sturdy steel and aluminum sub-frame, ingeniously hidden within the labyrinth of cardboard, providing the necessary support for the electric motor that propels this sculpture to life. Functional components, such as door hinges and headlights, seamlessly integrate non-cardboard elements into the work of art.

The origami-inspired Lexus IS sedan transcends automotive engineering; it’s a testament to the boundless ingenuity of human creativity and a tribute to the spirit of innovation that defines Lexus. This cardboard marvel not only captures the essence of a luxury sedan but also echoes the brand’s commitment to astonish, amaze, and push the limits of what’s possible.

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