A New Bistro In Prague Connects With The Coffee Crowd

The recently completed Proti Proudu Bistro in Prague’s Karlín neighborhood, Czech Republic, has caught the attention of coffee enthusiasts and design admirers alike. The interior design of the bistro, created by Mimosa architekti and Modulora, revolves around the themes of current and connection, inspired by František Krizik, a notable electrical engineering innovator born in Karlín.

Design Concept: Current and Connection

The interior design of Proti Proudu Bistro draws inspiration from the innovative spirit of František Krizik, who hailed from Karlín, and combines it with the idea of fostering connections through good coffee and delectable cuisine.

The Main Bar Wall: An Artful Grid

The central feature of the bistro is the main bar wall, meticulously crafted from white perforated plywood. This wall serves as a visual grid, connecting various components that adorn it. From the sliding targets of wires to the paper roll showcasing the daily menu, everything on the wall is integrated within this grid, emphasizing the concept of connection.

A Play of Light and Wires

A network of wires gracefully stretches from the switches located behind the counter to the lights suspended above the tables. This intricate arrangement highlights the link between the staff and the patrons. Each light is independently controlled, and the placement of the switches on the wall grid mirrors the exact positions of the lights in the room. As guests enter and exit, the lights respond by illuminating or dimming, creating a dynamic interplay of illumination.

Materials and Textures

The interior design effectively balances various materials and textures. The plywood texture of the main bar wall softly reflects the pattern of the stone floor. Additionally, it complements the oak board used for the counter and individual tables. Steel elements are incorporated, maintaining their raw and unrefined black iron aesthetic. One standout feature is the rusty counter, adorned with the motto “IN COFFEE WE TRUST,” which stands out amidst the neutral palette.

Capturing the Essence

BoysPlayNice, a photography studio, expertly captured the essence of Proti Proudu Bistro through their lens. The photos showcase the minimalist white aesthetic, the interplay of light and wires, and the thoughtful integration of materials, resulting in a space that epitomizes the fusion of design, coffee culture, and culinary delights.


  • Design: Mimosa architekti, Modulora
  • Cooperation: Lenka Pechanová
  • Photography & Concept: BoysPlayNice

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